About us

MD Vélar was founded in the beginning of 1990 to handle sales, consulting and services for Mitsubishi diesel engines in Iceland, along with all kinds of equipment associated with them.

MD Vélar is also an agent for Mitsubishi and PJ Diesel in Copenhagen, which specializes in parts and maintenance issues for ship machinery, turbochargers, woodward pacemakers and diesel systems.

MD Vélar is also selling a variety of other equipment that can be viewed elsewhere on the website. Through the years, MD Vélar has performed repairs and modifications on all kinds of engines/machines for boats and ships, as well as providing all the parts needed. We have decades of experiences in these areas.


Currency Account: Landsbankinn 0133-38-710206

IBAN no. IS02 0133 3871 0206 5404 0332 50

Swift Code: NBIIISRE

Our Address:
MD Vélar ehf.
Vagnhöfði 12
110 Reykjavík
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 4pm
Phone: (++354) 567-2800