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MD Vélar hf is agent for MHI Group in Iceland (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD).

We can offer broad selection of diesel engines in sizes 4 - 4000 hp, both for marine and land use.



MEE motor 12 75prs

S8U - MPTK  Main Engine

8 Cylenders 4 stroke cycle, water cooled, diesel engine turbocharged with air-cooler.

Rating: HP. 1343 kW við 1060 RPM.

Bore x Stroke: 240 x 260

Displacement: 94,10 L

Certified: IMO2/CCNR2

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rsz mas s12r

MAS 1350-S  Genset

Engine: S12R-MPTAW

1351 KvA at 1500rpm. 50 Hz

Certified: IMO2

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rsz mitsubishi 6d16t Dæluvél 500x350


Mitsubishi 6D16T

Power on flywheel: 166 HP

RPM: 1800

Bore x Stroke: 115 x 118

Displacement: 7,5 L

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rsz sole sm-105 500x333


95 HP with 2500 RPM

6 Cylinders in line 4 Stroke

Bore x Stroke: 94 - 120 mm

Total Displacement: 4996 cc

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rsz sole mini-33 500x333


3 Cylenders in line 4 Stroke

31,4 HP with3000 RPM.

Bore x Stroke: 78 - 92 mm

Total Displacement: 1318 cc

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rsz mitsubishi s6u aðalvél 150x100

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